10 Fun Facts about Epic Waters

Ready for a splashing good time? Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is perfect for some family-friendly fun with or without the sun!

Before you put on that bathing suit, learn some fun facts about the waterpark:

1. It takes over 400,000 gallons of water to fill up the waterpark!

With 80,000 sq. feet of thrills, this indoor water park needs lots of water! The underground operating system pushes out thousands of gallons of water in the park.

This impressive park not only holds lots of water, but it also broke records for being the largest indoor waterpark under a retractable roof and the world’s largest indoor waterpark under a single curved retractable roof.


2. The park made North American history with first-of-a-kind slides.

Epic Waters is also home to three North American first-of-their-kind slides in the waterpark industry – the LassoLoop, the Yellow Jacket Drop and the Aquanaut!

Loops aren’t just for rollercoasters anymore. Get upside down on the nation’s tallest indoor Aqualoop, the LassoLoop! This body slide isn’t for the faint of heart. The slide drops you down a 53-foot drop reaching 36 mph so you can gain enough velocity to be sent uphill into the loop! It only takes 3-4 seconds to finish the slide so you can ride it over and over again!

The LassoLoop

Get the trills of feeling weightless on the Yellow Jacket Drop! This slide is the first indoor combination of the Boomerango and Constrictor. The slide serpentines inner tubers through an enclosed slide; then drops them 20 feet into an open slide that races the tubers high up a 50-foot wall! Talk about a sense of zero gravity!

The YellowJacket Drop

The Aquanaut is a double rider Aquasphere inner tube ride that takes its riders to the next level inside high banking domes within the slide.

The Aquanaut

3. You can float on the longest indoor lazy river in Texas.

If you have ever floated on a river, you know that the currents can change- and so can the waves on the Rio Grand lazy river in Epic Waters! Grab a tube and float or swim along the 650 foot river and be prepared for the waves. Periodically, a surge of water arrives causing waves and currents to take over the tranquil waters.


4. It can be both an indoor and outdoor waterpark.

Never fear the weather with this waterpark! The retractable roof means that it stays 85 degrees inside on cold winter days, but the roof opens up to let the hot sun warm its guests in the summer.

Most of the attractions are under the roof, but an outdoor wave pool is currently being constructed with plans to open Summer 2018. It will bring another 152,000 gallons of water to the park, which means the park can also expand the number of guests through its doors. More cabanas will be placed around the pool so you can choose to rent one indoors with views of the park or outdoors with views of the pool and  EpicCentral.

5. The retractable roof is roughly the size of a football field.

They say everything is bigger in Texas… and it’s true! The roof has 36 motorized operable roof panels, plus four operable panels above the cupola. The record-shattering retractable roof is 160 feet wide by 384 feet long and reaches 83 feet high at its peak. After all, it has to cover the 70 feet tall landing tower – the size of five giraffes!

6. You can compete against your friends in some friendly competitions.

Grab a game of water basketball in the swimming hole, race against each other on the E-Racers, or see who is the best surfer on the FlowRider!

The water basketball hoop is located in the middle of the “Swimming Hole.” You can play a game of hoops in a calm, relaxed pool. Take a break from the slides and get a friendly game going!


You and three friends can go head-to-head (literally) on the E-Racers! The enclosed mat racer sends you head-first down the slide as you race to reach the bottom. On your marks, get set, RACE!


If you need something a little more challenging, head over to the FlowRider! Compete with friends to see who can surf or boogie board against the harsh tides.


7. Kids can get soaked with a 300-gallon tipping bucket.

Sitting on top of Rascal’s Round-Up is a tipping bucket that drenches kids in water every couple of minutes! Kids under 48″ can explore the area full of slides, geysers and sprinklers in a shallow pool of water.


8. Adults can enjoy a drink at the full-service bar.

Say “cheers” at the Longboards Full-Service bar! The bar features traditional drinks such as beer and wine but also includes fun signature cocktails too. You can’t play pool at this bar, but you can jump in one.

Epic Drinks

9. It has a “Main Street.”

Along the walkway from the front entrance to the back of the park, you can find Mini Melt cart, the Hungry Wave (the cafe), the arcade, lockers, changing rooms and the party rooms on the second level. The Epic Waters team nicknamed this walkway “Main Street.” You can also find tables and seating on “Main Street” that have a beautiful view of the park and a convenient location to the arcade and Hungry Wave.


10. It’s dubbed the “Cruise Ship on Land.”

With 11 waterslides, a lazy river, a cafe, a bar, party rooms, and more, the park is nicknamed a “cruise ship on land.”

And if all of that wasn’t enough, you can practice your ski-ball skills too! The 4,000 square foot arcade has over 60 games to play. Load up a card with money and race against your friends to get the most tickets. You can keep the card for your next visit to rack up more tickets or redeem it for a prize.

There is plenty of things to do on this “anchored cruise!”


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One Reply to “10 Fun Facts about Epic Waters”

  1. I’ve searched everywhere on these sites but I can’t find out what the admission price is!! My computer will not bring up some of them because I have the wrong browser.
    What is the cost? Kids and Adults? Do you have Senior Discounts?
    Can you bring a lunch and soft drinks?
    Can you bring floaties, goggles, other playthings?

    Becky Carr


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